Monday, August 25, 2008

Introducing .... Our "new" kitchen!

Okay, so it's not new really. But it's freshly updated with paint and hardware.

Check out the crazy transformation that cost us about $150, plus lots of free labor.




brytiff said...

and this, my friends, is EXACTLY why we chose alternating colored dishes so we could show them off in glass cabinets! i'll get mine some the angles and all the work that went into this perfect kitchen!

p.s. working hard for my comment...working hard for my comment, yah!

Jess said...

Great job guys! I love the kitchen! Very impressed it only cost $150. Amazing! :) Congrats!

That Girl said...


mamakrystal said...

I really love what you did to the kitchen...the stainless steel appliances look awesome! It's totally highlighted with your choice of cabinetry and accents.

deserea said...

I LOVE IT LINS - what a great job you guys have done ;-) i especially love your dining area... what a beautiful view, it looks so open and like your sitting in a well manufactured jungle! LOVE ALL THE PALMS! hope i can see it soon in person.

MrsSchoon said...

That looks great! Ours is "new" too. I really need to start a reno blog!